Why Do Dogs’ Feet Smell Like Fritos?

If you’re the type of person who loves to snuggle your pet, chances are that you’ve had a pet’s paw several times. If you’ve ever caught an odor of a lovely smell that’s bizarrely like corn chips from the paw, it’s not just a dream.

Frito feet are a typical problem for dog owners (once they have gotten over the shame of admitting that they know their dog’s feet smell apparent). Although Frito feet may be an innocent nuisance, they could also indicate an infection.

Why do my dog’s paws smell like corn Chips?


Plenty of scents can emanate from your pet’s feet without being noticed, but corn chips aren’t among the most appealing. If your dog has yet to scour your pantry for chili-based toppings recently, Fritos have nothing to be concerned to Frito feet. As per Bonnie Bragdon, DVM, MS co-founder of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association, the cause of the smell of corn chips from your dog’s feet could be as benign as the dog’s naturally produced oil (i.e., unpleasant but not a cause for B.O.). But Frito feet can also indicate something more serious: an infection caused by bacteria or yeast infection.

How do you know whether your dog’s paws that smell are normal or require more scrutiny? Make use of your nose and eyes. You shouldn’t be worried if you can detect the smell of corn chips as you sniff your dog’s paws from close range. If you can smell the Frito feet far away, it isn’t normal, according to Bragdon. If you detect strong whiffs of corn chips emanating from your dog’s ears or his entire body, These are signs that it’s time for you to call your vet.

According to Bragdon, from an aesthetic perspective, healthy paws should be dry and have pink skin that’s not broken. However, immediate veterinary treatment is needed if you observe signs that your dog’s suffering from pain or has redness of his skin or large pores on his paws. “Reddish skin and hair streaks can indicate excessive bleeding caused by itching and uncomfortableness,” Bragdon continues. “And blackish discharges can be an indication of infection.”

After all of this, we come back to the fundamental issue: Why is it that your dog’s paws smell of Fritos? Determining the root cause is crucial to treating your dog’s illness before it worsens. For instance, it might take a while to recognize that your dog suffers from an infection of yeast and then treat it with antifungal medications. It’s because yeast infections are usually associated with underlying allergies that require treatment.

Bragdon is also clear that you should bring your dog to a vet clinic if you spot open wounds or sore foreign bodies, bleeding bumps, or lumps on your dog’s paws. “What seems to be allergic or infectious in nature could be a laceration or cut that requires urgent treatment,” she explains.

Frito Feet Cure: How to Make Your Dog Smell Gooder

Like all medical conditions, the diagnosis will determine the course of treatment. If your pet’s Frito feet result from an infection, it could require treatment (e.g., antifungal or antibiotic tablets) or an application of a topical remedy (e.g., shampoo or lotion) to treat the issue. Also, as we mentioned above, an infection could indicate that there are more severe issues to look into.
If your dog has feet that smell due to natural oils, there are actions you can take to keep the smell of corn chips (and its root causes) at a low. Bragdon suggests wiping or cleaning your dog’s paws at the end of walks to ensure they’re clear of dirt and remove allergens – an essential step when your dog suffers from allergies. Bragdon also suggests that you maintain your pet’s nails in good shape to avoid snags, fractures, and nail growth that isn’t healthy. “Paws are generally low maintenance,” Bragdon explains. “So when your dog’s habits aren’t, then it’s time to bring your pet for a visit to the vet.”


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