Why Do Cats Loaf? 4 Theories About This Adorable Legs-Tucked-Under Position

Cats play. They slouch. There’s a reason that cat lovers are often able to see similarities between our felines and the balls of dough. In a bright room, you’ll see a cat snuggled into an itty loaf of dough and fur. You instantly become a melting butter (now I am hungry). Have you ever seen a cat loafing on a table made of glass? I’m dead.

It doesn’t matter if your cat is looking for a comfy place on your sofa or is saving energy to take revenge on the brand-new carpet after you fall asleep, and cat lounging is cute and extremely useful.

What is a Cat Loaf?

A cute hairy doughball of a cat, or “cat loaf” or “loafing” (or “hoverboard cat” for those who do not consume bread). It is when cats curl their front feet under their chests while placing their back feet beneath their belly, settling in a way that looks very much like a loaf of bread.

4 Reasons Cats Love to Have a Loaf

1. To keep warm

Your pet’s favorite cat prefers warm temperatures and does not like being cold. Cats can turn themselves into squishy little loaves anytime they like. However, they might particularly enjoy this position for those who need a warm and cozy. Tucking their legs into themselves assists cats in keeping warm even if they are shorter in the coat (like the American shorthair) or aren’t carrying around an additional coat that’s “dough.”

2. To Conserve Energy

Of all the abilities cats have, sleeping in weird areas and odd positions could be among their best (and the ones that I admire more). Cats are master sleepers since they can spend much of their time sleeping. However, those long cat-napping sessions do not mean your cat is inactive. Cat naps aid your cat in preparing for the nighttime hours. Cats are predators with crepuscular characteristics; that is to say, they are the most active during the night and consume most of their energy at night when they are out on their hunts or in the moonlight. Thus, curling up in the most delicious cat dough ball in the daytime is one method to prepare the cat for the chance to throw over the delicate items on your desk at night.

3. It’s a comfortable feel.

Cats are awestruck by cozy, and “loafing” (alongside making kneads!) is another acrobatics they can be found in their incredible repertoire of tricks that help them attain absolute relaxation as sounds amazingly delicious.

4. They’re Not Feeling Well

Even though the majority of the time, a cat will be lounging, they’re happy and content; however, if your cat’s inability to put their paws beneath their body or is trying to relax into a tightly seated position on the floor continuously, it is likely that they are not feeling well, and could be suffering from discomfort. Suppose you notice that they are keeping their head lower. In that case, their eyes are closed shut, or they’re trembling and shaken; if changes in eating or sleeping habits accompany any of these signs, you should schedule appointments with your vet immediately.

Your cat may be trying to be snug and cozy or planning for an evening of the destruction of the furniture; one thing is sure: cats are adorable … also a bit weird. They remind us of bread.


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