The decision to adopt a kitten is an amazing, life-changing choice. Your adorable kitten is apathetic initially, but absolutely adorable. He is dependent on you for nearly everything. What could you do to ensure your pet is as secure and comfortable as you can? All the new smells and sensations can be a bit frightening However, you can ensure your pet feels safe by giving him time to get used to all of it.

Enjoy time with your Kitten before bringing him home

The familiarity of a kitten can make them feel more secure and content. 1 If you’re able take a trip to the home he was born in to play. If you decide to bring your kitten home, be sure to bring objects that smell familiar to your kitten’s home such as a blanket or a toy. You can place them in the car along with your kitten. They will aid your kitten in adjusting more quickly.

Introduce Her to Your Home One Room at a Time

A kitten that is small can be overwhelmed quickly and it is important to introduce her to a single room at one time. Begin by taking her carrier to a small, secure, and quiet space with an enclosed litter box with meals as well as drinking bowls with toys, and an area to sleep. She might remain in her car for a bit initially, which is normal. Give her some time to relax before she goes out into the vast, wide space.

The litter box must be low-sided and simple for your cat to walk over. Regarding the bed, one of this Mother’s Heartbeat Heated Kitty Pet bed and Heart Pillow could be an effective tool to assist your kitten’s transition to her new place.

Place her in the smaller space and interact with her regularly until she’s more comfortable and confident. Gradually increase her access to each room at one time. Make sure your home is cat-proofed by keeping any items that could pose a threat away from the reach of.

Calming Diffusers Can Help Him Feel Happier

A kitten’s mental health is as crucial as his physical. Install the Relaxing Comfort Zone Diffuser in the room of your kitten (and any other space where your kitten is likely to spend time). The diffusers emit a scentless inhalation that is reminiscent of the cat’s natural scents which tell your cat that it’s safe and can rest. If you have multiple cats Try the Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser. Be sure to use one diffuser for each space. The diffusers will require a refill approximately once every thirty days.

If kittens (or even adult cats) are overly energetic and have stress levels, they are more likely to show it by destructive actions such as splashing water or even scratching the furniture. If your cat is scratching at your floors or furniture or spraying all over your home or around the house, the Spray for Comfort Zone Spray and Scratch Control Spray can reduce destructive scratching and decrease the marks left by urine, helping to create a peaceful space. Simply spray the spray one time each day on places where your kitten is likely to mark his marks.

Catering to Her Instincts Can Give Her Confidence

Your cat needs “territory” to call her his own. This could include blankets, bedding, toys, windows, perches, and the cat’s condos. If you own several cats the best general rule is to keep one litter box for each household cat and one additional one.

It is also important to get your cat to participate in a game that taps into her natural instincts. 2 This can help her feel more secure and, as a benefit, keep her away from trouble. If kittens (or even adult cats) are overly energetic or stressed they are likely to show it through destructive behaviors like spraying or scratching furniture.

You can try using a toy wand that your cat can follow and chase like prey. Another way to stimulate your kitten’s hunter instinct is to grab a few pieces of kibble and scatter pieces at a stretch, onto the floor to let her pursue and hunt.

Create scratching posts to ensure she has a suitable place for her to scratch and extend the claws. Find a cat tree that will accommodate your kitten’s desire to climb.

Introduce Your Kitten Slowly to Other Pets

If you have a pet or cat, it is important to take the time to introduce your pet to them gradually. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet, dog, or cat, you want to begin by placing the kitten inside a different space until they are accustomed to their scents. Feed them both at once and in opposite directions of a locked door. Use toys or towels to aid them in becoming comfortable with the scents of each other. It is important to be aware of your pet’s desire to hunt and ensure that you do not run after your cat. For cats living in the house, You must ensure that there are plenty of cat litter bins as well as cat trees, beds for cats, and other similar things to ensure that no one has a feeling of being a tiger.

Keep in mind that your kitten is still a baby and requires extra care. Avoid introducing your pet to your kitten until they have a calm reaction to being in opposite directions of a door that is closed. However, you must introduce them gradually, and with supervision.

Kittens Need Lots of Food and Sleep

Kittens require food specifically created for their fast-growing tiny bodies. Don’t simply eat adult food for your cat and say it’s an entire day. Find a food that is specifically designed to cater to the age of your cat. Consult your vet about how often she is required to be fed.

Be aware it is true that cats (and some adult cats) sleep a lot. If you’d like to see her sleep longer, according to your schedule, spend time with her before it gets time to go to bed. This will help her to get tired. You can then feed her tasty food so that she can have an empty stomach.

Make Socializing a Priority

Have playtime with your cat often and take care to handle him with affection. Kittens must be socialized to avoid being terrified of humans. Consider using a toy that is interactive in order to strengthen your bond. It is also possible to consider clicking training to make him engage more.

It is a great moment to begin gently touching your kitten’s feet, so your cat is accustomed to the feeling. This will aid your cat to be calm when you have to cut the nails of your cat.

Establish some rituals or traditions that your kitten is looking for, such as cracking the window or door only a bit every morning and letting him get “smells” from the outside world. 3 Or perhaps play a game like “chase the feather wand” as you come home from work. Set up little rituals that occur in the same order every day, so that your kitten will be able to anticipate them.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll begin inviting guests over for a visit. If your pet spends time with other animals and people who are nice to him and respect him, the less afraid you will be of visiting once he’s an adult.

If you are the first to introduce your kitten to the home, you will probably be scared and overwhelmed. Try to be a calming presence that can help your kitten to adjust slowly to his new surroundings. Soon both of you will become great companions embarking on a trip filled with adventure, play, and snuggles.


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