The Reason Why Your Dogs Sleep with Their Eyes Open

The internet is awash with cute dog videos that can inspire you to take one home. Once you’re a pet owner you discover that spending time with dogs isn’t always fun or enjoyable.

In reality, most dogs spend the majority of their time in a state of relaxation. Although they appear serene when they rest, however, one thing that can cause panic is having their eyes closed while sleeping.

But, it is something that happens frequently and doesn’t necessarily mean problems. To learn more about the reason why your pet’s sleep is interrupted by eyes closed take a look!

Do Dogs sleep in their Eyes?

Yes, it is possible for your dog to sleep with its eyes closed. This sounds kind of creepy isn’t it? But, when you decide to take on a pet it is important to prepare yourself for many similar situations. There’s no way to predict what the next ploy your pet can come up with is to shock you to the core.

Scientifically, they can be asleep with their eyes closed or completely open. In contrast to humans, dogs have an eyelid that is third in size, i.e., a nictitating membrane that prevents any dirt or other particles from getting into the eye. Therefore, it’s likely that what you think of as an unopened eye actually is the third eyelid working.

Why do dogs sleep with their eyes open?

After you’ve been assured that your dog’s sleeping habits are not unusual and you’re interested to know why this occurs. The most important thing to remember in this regard is that dogs seem to be sleeping with their eyes closed, whereas the third eyelid is shut for the whole time.

Therefore your pet is not at possibility of being exposed to dry eye or keratopathy syndrome. In addition, it is important to be aware that dogs are wired to defend themselves and their surroundings from any dangers from the outside. Below are additional reasons why dogs are able to sleep with their eyes closed.

Your Dog Might Not Be Asleep

Have you observed that dogs seem incredibly calm or slumbering but then move when they pass by? It might seem terrifying, but it’s fairly normal when you consider it. This is because it’s likely that they were asleep and they were awake.

So the pet will go back fully conscious in the event of minimal disruption or excitement. Also, keep in mind that these cute pets aren’t always active. Sometimes, you may feel that your dog is asleep but, in actuality, you’re just uninterested.

Sleep Cycle

Do you realize that unlike humans they have a polyphasic sleeping pattern? instead of going to sleep for 7 to 9 hours in a row, they rest intermittently all day. Dogs also love Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM sleep cycles.

Every wake-up night cycle in dogs can be 83 minutes long. In this period they’re in the REM sleep or dreaming stage. It is possible that if a dog appears asleep with their eyes closed but they are actually in the process of dreaming. The eyes could be blinking as they imagine following other animals around the park.

Noisy Environment

There’s no doubt about the reality that the noise levels within the area directly impact your sleep pattern. This is also true for your furry children trying to adapt to a different environment. If you frequently play loud music or entertain guests with your pet, they might seek out a quiet space in your home.

Furthermore, noise that is excessive can increase animals’ heart rates, as well as hormone levels. To ensure that your pet isn’t affected by noise-related anxiety, you should make sure to create a tranquil space in your home. This will put the dog to peace and sleep.


While dogs may appear to be the cutest animals all around, dogs can also be very territorial in situations where they feel unsafe. In reality, your pet could be able to flee and start fights with others dogs in the vicinity or in the park. You may notice that they are unable to shut their eyes in these situations.

Sharp nails could cause damage to their eyes or cause tears within the membrane of the nerve. If you notice any of these, you’ll need to see an ophthalmologist immediately. If you suspect that your dog’s eyes may be injured, be aware and be on the lookout for signs like swelling, redness, and watery eyes.

Nature Instincts

Another reason that your dog could look asleep, with eyes wide open shutters may be due to evolution. Dogs in the past had to maintain a certain degree of awareness in order to remain alert to potential dangers within the wilderness. A majority of these survival strategies are handed through generations to ensure the highest level of security.

They always be on the lookout for signs of trouble and are always ready to take on strangers in order to protect their pets or their owners. Although your dog may have nothing to worry about, aside from the overwhelming love and affection they have the years of hardwired instincts can be difficult to overcome.

Do You Need to Be Concerned about dogs sleeping with their eyes open?

The majority of the time, you’ll have no reason to be worried about this subject. If you are an animal parent in the beginning, you’re likely to notice these small behaviors and fret about your pet’s overall health. But you should be aware that sleeping with your eyes closed is a typical behavior for dogs.

But, if you would like to be in the good books you should contact your veterinarian when you experience seizures or fever. It’s also possible to call an acquaintance or pet-loving family member to relax your mind.

What can you do to help your dog sleep in Peace?

Are you unable to accept the idea of your pet being unhappy in their sleep or experiencing problems sleeping comfortably? If so, give yourself a pat on the side and cease worrying for no reason. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your pet sleeps in peace and tranquility without any worries.

Make Sure You Have that you have enough time to play

Like human beings, pets are also prone to fall asleep faster after being exhausted. Therefore, it is recommended to spend between 30 to 2 hours playing with your pet companion to burn off any extra energy. As stamina decreases the dog will go to sleep more effectively without being sluggish and numb.

Feed for a Healthful Diet

There’s no doubt about the fact that the general health of the dog directly impacts sleep patterns. This is why you should strive to provide your dog with nutritious meals to ensure that its health is at its peak. If they are fed properly their digestive system will function much better which will allow them to sleep without disturbance at all.

Stay on a Continuous Sleep Cycle

If you’ve recently adopted a pet It is essential to begin training it on the day it arrives. One of the key aspects of training should be time-based nap times that are fixed. By doing this, dogs will be able to adjust to new environments and also get much-needed sleep without distractions from outside.

Feed at the night

Always make sure you feed your pets at night to prevent any disturbances in the nighttime hours. If you feed them early your dog may be hungry and then awake exhausted at the end of the night. So, make sure you adjust the timing of meals so that you don’t cause any distractions to your sleep patterns.


Dogs are the joy in any pet’s life! But they also can be cause for worry at times. One instance that could have scared you is dogs that sleep with their eyes shut. How could that be possible?

But, it is important to know that a dog that sleeps with eye shutters is not uncommon, particularly in breeds such as Pugs as well as Greyhounds. This is usually due to their instinctual need to remain awake or to sleep for a long time in sleep during the REM cycle.

You can guarantee better rest for your pet when you establish the time for their sleep and feed them during the night.

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