The Reason Why Your Cats Sleep with Their Eyes Open

When you think of cats, there’s no way to know what you can expect! If you’re a first-time cat owner, you’re going to be exploring all their adorable actions and snarkiness.

From kissing your skin to fitting in every space in the world, kinds of activities are sure to cause you to become a bit crazy. One issue that you may face is your pet asleep with its eyes closed.

At first, it can create a lot of anxiety about the health of your cat. But, you’ll be happy to learn it is a normal occurrence. Read on to find out more on this topic.

Can cats sleep in their Eyes?

The cute creatures that behave strangely shouldn’t be a shock. One thing that should be a source of concern for any cat owner is their sleeping habits. It is, after all, really possible for your cat to sleep with their eyes closed?

Answer: Yes. Your cat can easily sleep with the shutters close to the outside world. Be aware that they are wired to hunt and possess different genetic characteristics than other pets. Cats sleep in different periods, and in the sleep phase, they are often found with their eyes wide.

What is the reason Cats sleep with their eyes open?

If you’ve established that cats do indeed have different sleeping patterns, you may be interested in knowing why this is happening. Are they experiencing a shift in their surroundings or a previous trauma that is hindering them from relaxing comfortably?

Since every cat has its own unique characteristics and behaves differently for a variety of reasons, there’s no solution to this issue that is guaranteed. To get the most precise details, it’s best to talk with your veterinarian and seek an expert opinion about the similar.

The following points are a few of the most frequent reasons to keep in mind.

Your Cat Could Not Be Sleeping

Genetically speaking, cats have developed to become lazy animals over time. This is because being lazy can help them conserve energy, eat less food, and save any effort for the hunting process.

Because of this particular reason, you’ll often notice that your cat isn’t willing to play or move around as a typical pet. Because cats usually rest for around 15 hours per day on average the behavior is quite normal.

Thus, one possible explanation for your cat to appear asleep with its eyes wide could indicate that it’s awake. So, you may be sulking for no reason in the least.

Sleep Cycle

Like humans, you’ll discover that cats too have a set sleep schedule with various phases. In these cases, you may notice that the cat sleeping with only either or both eyes open. It is most common in Slow-Wave Sleep (SWS), in which the senses remain awake and alert to the surrounding.

A few cats appear to have their eyes closed in Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). In this scenario, the cat loses muscle activity and may be sleeping. Because of twitching ears or eyes, it is possible to believe that your cat has fallen asleep when you take a quick glance.

Noisy Environment

Nobody likes to sleep in peace when there’s lots of noise. Cats aren’t any different and don’t like sleeping in noisy surroundings. While the majority of domestic felines do not worry about dangers from the environment but it’s still an important factor that affects their sleeping habits.

Furthermore, cats have excellent hearing and are able to pick up noises much better than you believe. Actually, the exposure of your pet to constant hearing above 95 decibels could cause hearing loss. So, cats are more likely to avoid people and then hide in an area to take a needed rest, with their eyes wide to ensure their safety.


It’s a fact that cats are brutal and violent. There’s a good chance you’ve got a lot of scratches on your arms to prove the behavior. When they get out of the house and discover another pet within the same space it is possible for them to become protective. A scuffle could cause them to be injured which can cause pain while shutting their eyes.

The Nicotitating membrane is a 3rd layer that is found beneath both eyes that the feline. The cat could experience severe issues and require surgery if it is injured. Common signs to be aware of are cloudiness, inflammation, swelling, and redness.

Naturally Instincts

If you research the cat’s ancestry in depth you will discover that they were wild animals that needed to conserve energy for running. This is why the hunter nature of their lives influences their behavior up to the day and also gives them the signals to rest by keeping their eyes open.

Additionally, cats want to be conscious of their surroundings and the things that are happening within their vicinity. They keep their eye shutters open to remain alert and be on the lookout for their owners or kittens. By doing this, they can keep an eye on the surroundings and help keep their survival instincts in check.

Do You Need to Be Concerned about Cats Sleeping with their eyes open?

For the majority of people, the solution to that question would be a resounding no! Cats typically sleep with their eyes closed as an aspect of their body. However, if you experience other symptoms, such as seizures, fever, and twitching, or eye injuries, you may be prompted to make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

A vet will better assist you in understanding the current medical conditions of your cat and offer advice. Most of the time they will write down the dosages to treat eye dryness on the lids. Whatever the outcome cats’ parents need to keep in mind that sleeping with eyes open isn’t a major issue.

What can you do to make Your Cat Sleep Well?

Are your pet’s eyes often sleeping with their eyes closed? If yes, it’s natural to be worried about their safety or concerned about their general health. In these situations, it is best to take the steps below instead of stressing out too excessively. Since getting enough sleep will improve your overall health.

Make Sure You Have sufficient playtime

Cats can appear tiny and cute but bear in mind that they have lots of energy in their bodies. Cats who are young are more energetic and need to be calmed to a level of calm after all the excitement. Therefore, you should be with them for at least 15 minutes each day. The fatigue will allow them to sleep like a newborn.

Feed for a Healthful Diet

As human beings, cats also need the right diet that includes proper nutrition in order to keep them healthy. If you provide them with proper food throughout the day, their bodies will function better. In turn, the odds of sleeping comfortably increase significantly. Keep in mind that cats are carnivores and require a substantial amount of protein from animals within their food.

Stay on a Regular Sleep Cycle

A fixed sleep schedule from the beginning can make things much simpler. Given that cats have a tendency to sleep, make an effort to have them take a nap following each play session. When you get your cat trained and you’ll see that they are highly organized and will sleep all the time.

Feed at the night

They sleep well after they’ve had a good food intake and are satisfied. If you feed them in the evening it is likely that they’ll get up at the end of the night because of hungry. To prevent sleep-related disturbances, make sure to ensure that they’ve had a meal prior to sleeping.


James Herriot, a British veterinarian, once declared, “Cats are connoisseurs of the comfort of.” You’ve surely observed this trait if recently brought a cat home. But, watching them sleep with their eyes closed could make anyone anxious.

If you’re experiencing the same situation it’s important to keep in mind it’s a normal feature and nothing to be worried about. Cats sleep for a long time with shutters opened to keep an eye on their surroundings due to their nature of hunting.

To help ensure a better night’s sleep for your pet, make sure that you feed your pet nutritious meals, particularly in the evening.

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