So You Want To Be A Cat Sitter

What is the best method to begin your career as a cat-sitter? Spend time with your neighbors or your friends. You like cats, but pet sitting might not be the right fit for you, so it’s recommended to take the opportunity for trial practice before committing to a new profession.

Why should you choose to specialize?

Pet sitters are usually women who work part-time to supplement their income and enjoy their love of pets, dogs, and other animals. Specific specialize in cat-only mainly since they come in a single size, are indoor animals, and utilize litter boxes.

If your cat isn’t taking medication, your visit is anytime you like. Most cats receive primary care: food, water, fresh litter, and pets.

Partner with a reputable pet-sitting company.

It’ll make your job simpler. The service will handle the marketing, screen clients, collect the cash and send you a 1099 (W2 for freelance contractors who work as a service) during tax season and provide you with the option of claiming that you are insured and bonded.

A service also serves as a backup plan if you’re ill or in a position to attend your appointments. You’ll earn less per visit. However, you’ll be able to serve more clients and provide help.

Try to help your client.


Begin to meet the client before the trip. Most are great people, happy clients, and devoted cat owners.

Sometimes it happens that you meet someone you’re uncomfortable with. Nothing particular, just a numb feeling. Take your time and listen to your gut. Remember that you’ll go into an empty home to look after the cat. If you’re uncomfortable when other guests are around, How will you feel at home?

Ask who else is visiting the home–a grass cutter, a worker, or a family member. There’s no need to be rude. An unexpected shock. Always make sure to check the key inside the closed door. You want to avoid finding yourself in the middle of the room using an unusable key. The key that works well when the door is opened can be challenging to turn when the door is shut.

Discuss a burglar alarm. Does the code that turns off the alarm different from the code that sets it? What is the password you should use if the alarm company contacts you?

Give excellent service to your customers. Bring your newspaper and other mail and water your indoor plants. Spend a bit of time with your pet, who is nervous. Cats can be timid for the first few days. However, they will, and then they will be able to accept you for 3 or 4 days before they start to show anxiety over being away for a long time. Write notes about your trip.

It would help if you were well-prepared to perform the task.

Tell your client and those around you that you’ll visit them. When a stranger inquires, “Who are you? Where were they? When will they return?” You are in a tense situation. It isn’t a good idea to annoy neighbors, but you also need to be able to disclose private information about your client. Always carry identification if your neighbor needs to contact the police. A clearly labeled key is usually enough to impress the responding officer. However, your driver’s license or ID card from your sitting service can help.

Discuss the best way to dispose of litter. Does the cat have constant access to food, or are they only allowed in small amounts? Does the cat take medication or supplements, and if so and how often? If your cat has gone to hide in a particular area, what are her preferred places to hide? Find out the dates and times for visits and request an appointment for when they will return in case of delays.

Where is the cat carrier if a trip to the vet’s office is necessary? You must have a valid phone number to call the owner. For older cats with chronic illness or a cat that becomes sick, what should the owner ask to do if they cannot reach them? Sure, owners will discuss with their veterinarian; others will give you a written statement of permission to act on their behalf and describe the procedures they are willing to accept as a cat medical order.

Make yourself at home with your cat.

What can you do with an unidentified cat? Have fun playing with her curiosity. If you are in the home, shake the dish with food, let the water run for a few minutes, scoop out the litter, and start the TV. If you can’t get the cat out of hiding, sit down, go through the newspaper, or sit down to take a break, watch tv, and sit and watch. Most cats will search to see if a stranger is in their home. If this doesn’t work, look for the places where they hide. Don’t try to force a confrontation. Make a friendly greeting and let him disappear.

Sometimes, the only way to tell whether a cat is safe is to observe empty food bowls and an empty litter box. You’ll encounter cat breeds like Nicky, who allows you to go down the stairs to clean out the litter box, but stop you from returning; Oliver, who you only can see when you peek under the bed; and Punkin, who kisses you with his sizeable orange Paw. You’ll fall in love with them, which is good and bad.

You’ll get to work you like. You’ll get to be a cat caretaker.

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