So Maybe Not All Our Pets Were Thrilled About Us Being Home So Much During the Pandemic

Not every animal was happy about being home 24/7 at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic.

An investigation by James Cook University researchers in Australia found that the lockdowns in the country caused “many cats to be put out or disoriented because of” their owners being at home every day. The study’s researcher, the psychologist Jessica Olivia, told ABC News (in Australia but in contrast to that of the U.S. network) that around half of the owners in the study felt that their cats were upset.

“We received some feedback that cats were being put out while their owners were at home 24/7 and occupying their space,” she explained to the news website.

Although it’s understandable, that wasn’t the case for all cats. Some seemed more content to have their owners present and were even playful. Some were more demanding and demanding. In the end, she explained that most pet owners decided that their dogs were happy to be in their homes and with their owners.

Researchers surveyed over 400 cat and dog owners for the study to determine how pets’ presence impacted Australians’ “lockdown” experiences and whether it affected their owners’ loneliness, mindfulness, or depression.

It may seem simple, but researchers discovered that pets help combat loneliness. The study states that those who participated in the survey said cats and dogs provided them with a person to hug and talk to. The dogs, in particular, helped battle loneliness. Another benefit of owning a pet!

However, the study didn’t confirm the researcher’s belief that pet owners are more attentive and can pay an eye to what’s taking place.

Our final thought? Allow your pet to be who they are! If your dog or cat appears agitated because of your presence, don’t be offended if they wander away or don’t pay attention. They’ll be back in no time. After all, you are the only one who has opposable thumbs. That’s the ability to eat and other treats.

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