How Fast Can Dogs Run? Some Are Quite Zippy!


The land animal with the highest speed is, without a doubt, the Cheetah. With the ability to move from 0-60 mph in only three minutes (some cars can’t achieve this! ), Only a handful of wild four-footed animals can compete. Undoubtedly, the African wild canine is close behind and can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour.

To be noticed domestic cats can speed as fast as 30 mph; however, what happens to our dog Fidos? What is the speed at which dogs can run? It’s dependent on the breed.

What is the fastest Dog Breed?

“Although there is sometimes opposition from breeds like those of the Saluki, Afghan hound, or Vizsla The most agile canine would be the greyhound. greyhound,” says Georgina Ushi Phillips, DVM.

Greyhounds are known for sprinting, reaching 40-45 mph on average. But they can also maintain incredible speed, usually 35 mph over seven miles. This is what makes the dog the fastest around the globe.

Greyhounds have larger than average size heart that increases circulation. Additionally, their legs have greater than 80 percent muscle fibers that are fast-twitch that, allow them to perform rapid, explosive movements. “The greyhound can also move their joints with flexibility and spines that allow them to run at high speed,” Phillips adds.

However, there are other fast dogs as well. Here are some runners-up as well as their speed-related PRs in sprints:

  • Afghan dog 40 mph
  • Ibizan dog 40 mph
  • Saluki: 35-40 mph
  • German shepherd 35-40 mph
  • Doberman pinscher: 35 mph
  • Whippet 35 miles per hour
  • Border collie 30 mph
  • Jack Russell Terrier 30 mph

Fastest Dog Breeds Over Distance

In terms of endurance or speed, snow dog and athletic hunting breeds are unbeatable.

“Breeds such as the Siberian Husky can cover more than 100 miles a day, and that’s not a surprise considering their role as sled dogs,” Phillips says. They can run between 25 and 30 mph steadily and reach up to 15 times that speed while pulling the sled, similar to other pups from cold climates, such as Alaskan malamutes.

Fast hunting companions like Weimaraners, German shorthaired pointers, Norwegian elkhounds, and Labrador retrievers average around 20-30 speed when required.

Is it Safe to Run with Your Pet?


Sarah Wooten, DVM, states that running for long periods can break down dog joints. This can cause the onset of osteoarthritis as it does in humans.

“It’s important to keep in mind that dogs don’t make great running companions until they’re grown since excessive beating on growth plates can lead to arthritis and joint pain,” she adds. The dogs with the most feet are also afflicted with hip dysplasia.

Dogs grow at different rates based on their breed, size, and breed, so consult your vet when it’s safe to engage in speedy-action sports with your pet, like cycling, biking, or skijoring. Make sure to stick with the softer surfaces as much as possible: dirt trails, sand, or grass are all good options.

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