Do Cats Like To Be Petted?

Drinking is generally limited to your cat’s mouth.

For certain cat breeds, drinking water may include their paws, too. People often ask about “weird” cat behaviors associated with drinking water in cat-related forums. So we’ll look at a few of these peculiarities, why they’re happening, and what you can do to stop the issue.

Feline has a snarl around the water dish.


In the past, we’ve had pet owners talk to us about different cat rituals at the fountain. Does this sound odd? If you expect Kitty to reach the dish and drink some water.

Here are some examples of bizarre feline behavior that have been reported in the forums:

  1. Scratching the floor in the vicinity of the water tank.
  2. “Kneading” or pawing the carpet or the floor near your water dish.
  3. Sitting in your water for a couple of seconds before drinking.
  4. Doing a paw-smack at the water before drinking.
  5. Instead of drinking straight in the bowl, the water is being pawed at and taken off with their paws.
  6. Swirling water about in the dish.
  7. Dropping objects in the world of water.

Particular cats were said to splash water so heavily around that the dish would be empty when the owner returned to their home at night!

Then why do cats mess all over their drinking water?

The simple answer is that no one knows. We can’t inquire about the reason behind this behavior. We can ask, but they’re unlikely to reply with a smile. There are, however, some theories about why these cats use their paws, not only their tongues when drinking.

  1. Cats will paw at the dish to find out where the water’s surface is. Be aware of where the cat’s eyes are as she walks towards the bowl: Kitty cannot see water just behind its chin. Pawing first can help particular cats determine the distance between their tongues and the dish. This is also why special cats gaze at the water before siping.
  2. Cats can be found playing with water. We’re familiar with thinking that cats are averse to water. But the fact is that some cats are fond of playing in and around water. In search of an outlet for entertainment, the cats, especially kittens, might discover that splashing water into the bowl or getting the area getting wet can be enjoyable.

When it comes to pawing or scratching on the floor near the food dish, this behavior is usually related to food items. Many experts believe this expresses cats’ desire to dig up their food; however, others interpret it as a kind of territorial marking of food source.

If the explanations are correct, the cats could use the water dish as part of the game, particularly since owners tend to place the food and water bowls near each other.

Can you prevent your pet from petting the water dish?

If your cat is pawing at the water a couple of times before drinking, it is probably trying to determine the water’s level. The attempt to keep a dry nose is typical and should not cause concern.

But, if Kitty has been sloshing water all over the place to make the area wet or even taking the dishes out, you might be looking to make some modifications. Here are some suggestions put to us by our members through the many years. Check out which might be beneficial to yourself and your cat.

  1. Utilize a shallow dish to reduce the attraction of splashing water everywhere.
  2. Use a fountain for drinking to produce a constant flow that creates a sense of motion without splashing.
  3. Put a placemat underneath the water dish to guard floors and carpets against excessive water.

Do you believe Kitty is just playing with water to relieve boredom? Think about tackling boredom in various ways to enrich your environment. Cats living in a cage need continual stimulation to compensate for the absence of great outdoor sounds, sights, and smells.

There are plenty of methods to ensure that our pets are amused while staying in the comfort of our houses! The following articles will give you a variety of ideas to ensure that your cat is content:

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The essential aspect is that your cat can access uninterrupted fresh water. Feline “water rituals for dishes” aren’t harmful. If your cat ends up spilling water when it is at a point where you have to empty the bowl, you ought to let them take pleasure in what is natural.

Do you have a cat that paws at the dish you are feeding it or exhibit other “weird” water behavior? Please let us know by leaving comments! If you have any questions regarding cat behavior, you can post them in the forum for cat behavior.

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