7 Signs Your Dog Is Spoiled, From Closets Full of Clothes to Daily Puppuccinos


One of the most difficult things, when you own a dog, is not being able to resist the desire to treat them every day. If your dog is doing something well or is acting with a lot of affection or appears better than usual, it’s enough to make it easy to reach for treats or new toys for them to show your appreciation. At Daily Paws we are all about spoiling our pets and giving them a more than-average lifestyle, however, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re not overindulging (hello your bank account balance).

Here are a few signs that your dog has been living an extravagant lifestyle. We like to call it, not spoilt but just excessively indulged.

1. There are Toy Baskets in every single room

The idea of having a bag full of dog toys within one room of your home could be one of the things. However, having toys all over the place from the bedroom the living room, and even the kitchen is different. This means that your whole home is designed around your dog’s time and playtime. You’re prepared to take care to clean the toys wherever and anytime. It’s not too bad, and there’s no reason not to provide your dog with all the toys there are! If you’re bored of grabbing toys and chewies each whenever you enter the room, think about establishing an area in your home to store all of your dog’s objects, or rotating his toys so that he believes he’s receiving each week a new item.

2. You Give the Puppuccino to your Dog Each time You’re in the car

One of the most successful decisions Starbucks made was to add the cappuccino, also known as an ice-filled cup stuffed with whip cream as part of their menu of secret items. It’s now a favorite snack for many dogs who love treats and their coffee-loving parents. It’s not our fault that we are just lucky enough to be at the Starbucks drive-thru line each when we’re returning home from our trip to the pet park. Be aware that treats shouldn’t be around 10% of the dog’s daily caloric intake It’s wise to keep the sweet treats only for occasions that require them.

3. You plan your entire day around your dog

There is a myriad of ways to integrate your pet into your everyday life, whether that’s going for the walk or playing with them in your local park, or taking them to the dog-friendly eatery or outdoor patio. With so many pet-friendly options being introduced there’s no reason not to take our furry friends everywhere we go, and to be embarrassed if we leave our dog behind at home. But before you take your pet on your next adventure be sure they’re comfortable and are willing to go. Some pets are just homesick. (And that’s totally fine!)

4. You Get Home Early After Outings Because You Don’t Want To Miss Too Much

We all love our pets when we’re not in their company It’s normal to be reluctant to be absent from them for long periods of time. Nothing is more frustrating than your dog looking at you with sad puppy eyes as you are getting ready to leave for work or have dinner with your friends! Dogs are social creatures and are incredibly affectionate with their human companions, however, it’s essential to take some time off to avoid anxiety about separation. So long as you’ve left your pet at home safely for a long time, you’re entitled to be able to fully enjoy your alone plans without guilt. When you think of leaving early, be sure to remind yourself that the dog’s in good health and you’ll be back in no time.

5. There’s a Closet Only for your Dog’s Wardrobe

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a dog who is dressed in a warm sweatshirt or wearing a stylish pair of boots. Don’t forget to add the bandana that’s appropriate for any season! Many pet parents are delighted to buy new outfits for their pets and take adorable photos of their pups wearing their new clothes. If you’re spending a significant sum of cash on clothing for your dog and accessories, and the closet is stuffed with hundreds of things, it’s time to pare down. Your dog will appear nice regardless of what they’re dressed in (or aren’t wearing) but you don’t have to spend a fortune on an outfit.

6. You’ll never think twice about buying them A New Product

A $20 purchase of a sweet new toy, bandana (bonus points when it’s themed to an occasion), or even a bag of snacks for your dog? It’s a no-brainer! You’re spending $20 on a new item for yourself? Don’t bother! It’s easy to become caught up in a quest to pamper your dog with everything and all it’ll ever need. Keep in mind that they’re satisfied with a pleasant stroll and quality time with you, whether or without the collar, leash, or Poop bag dispenser.

7. You spend more time and money on their meals than you do.

You’ll know you’re a committed dog lover when you go that extra step to cook your dog’s food by hand every day or provide them with a costly special food item after having a conversation with your veterinarian to ensure it’s the best option for your dog of course. Your dog will certainly be spoilt with a meal that takes an hour to prepare and a plethora of fancy ingredients, and then you search through the pantry to find a bag that contains mac and cheese to make your own meal. If you are concerned that you might be a little overboard Your vet will be able to assist you in creating a simply healthy, budget-friendly, and affordable food plan for your pet. Do not force yourself to ask the old question “What’s going to dinner?” each night to you and your pet.


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